Bose Speaker Stands: An assessment with the Bose UFS-20 Universal Floor Stands

Lots of people see mounting speakers about the wall as really a hassle for them to get to accomplish by them selves. Also, the walls are ruined while in the approach simply because you may have to drill holes in it to fir the screws in which you’re going to be hanging the speakers. The proper alternative to end this issue is through the use of a thing that can maintain speakers inside a safe place, and Bose speaker stands would be the correct merchandise that could present you this purpose with the ideal price. Considered one of their very best products will be the Bose UFS-20 Common Flooring Stands. These stands are best any where you put them. They might be as simple as they appear, the best speaker stands however they are undoubtedly value every single penny. In this article is surely an in-depth overview of the product.

Normal Description

Bose speaker stands are really couple of, and this model is one of a kind. It can be the only speaker stand the business created for its item line, and various speaker docks are either wall mounted or brief in height. If you would like to maintain your speakers steadily secured inside of a remote region, such as corner of a place or beside the door, however you don’t desire to mount it to the wall simply because drilling holes is not a little something you would like to do, you then absolutely have to get this pair of stands. Their actual goal will be to keep the speakers continuous and securely in position while supplying the listeners the most beneficial listening height, that’s 38”, the identical height of the speaker stands.


The stands are completely designed to keep lightweight speakers, what precisely Bose speakers are. The bottom of your stands are broad more than enough to help keep the system standing correctly even now and straight, nonetheless they have a very very tiny footprint that barely will take area on your own dwelling space ground. The design on the stands can be made to cover the wires in the speakers to scale back litter or eradicate the unsightliness of hanging wires all around your house. The steel shafts on the stands use a hole inside of exactly where you hide the wire in, also safeguarding them from pests, damage, and weathering to maintain the speakers entirely functional.

The stands are created of metal plus they occur in three distinctive colours which you’ll be able to choose from with regards to the solution you may utilize it with – black, white, and gray. Even though the grey shade may be very awesome and also the white color is additionally exclusive and trendy, the black a person is most preferable as a result of its universality and any speaker procedure can match with a black stand, even those that aren’t Bose. The dark shade also minimizes the age with the machine and helps make it seem superior even under constant abuse and weathering. Black also suits in all house décor and household layout.


These speaker stands are appropriate with all Bose Way of life devices, Acoustimass speaker systems, and CineMate digital residence theater speaker procedure, therefore you have got a lots of decisions for these stands. However , you even have the choice of obtaining other brands of speaker methods, or making use of these stands for other brand names of speakers, considering that they’re universal and so they is usually used employing any identical product.


Bose speaker stands are uncommon, and the Bose UFS-20 Universal Floor Stands is probably the one design you can get within the model. However, these stands can provide everything you require, and its resilient and practical make is unquestionably worth the price. So if you don’t want to cling your speakers over the wall or you would like to hold their wires neatly hidden, these stands are what I like to recommend you to get.

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